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Challenging conventional thinking about how we live, inspiring thought about how we use our resources and stimulating behavioural change to achieve a sustainable society for all.


Reuse in the exterior of the 3D textbook

Progress on site is on schedule and the 3D textbook is now being clad externally with a variety of finishes. All finishes have been selected with the project criteria in mind, ensuring reuse is at […]

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Ballymun Creative Lab

The Ballymun Creative Lab is an innovative collaborative art project developed in partnership by the Rediscovery Centre, NCAD Access Programme and the Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun. This pilot project sets out to develop a creative […]

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WISER Life Project Spearheads Use of Hempcrete Walls

Sustainable hempcrete is a composite┬ámaterial of hemp and lime, which, when used around a timber frame, is not only strong, but also acts as an excellent insulator for the building. Although hempcrete has been used […]

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