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Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse

Challenging conventional thinking about how we live, inspiring thought about how we use our resources and stimulating behavioural change to achieve a sustainable society for all.


Building Energy Rating

The WISER Life+ project seeks to exemplify reuse and demonstrate best practice. Being a retrofit project the centre was challenged to turn an industrial building which was designed to let heat out into one which […]

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A word from RDC Director & WISER Expert panel member, DereK McGarry

“Having worked more closely with the Rediscovery Centre (RDC) for the last 3 years as a board member, the events of the last few weeks have been particularly exciting. Under the leadership of Dr Sarah […]

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Rediscover Cycling’s Disc-O winner

During the month October a national competition was set by Freetrade Ireland and sponsored by the EPA’s Green Enterprise programme, to challenge the reuse┬ácommunity to unearth the creativity within and create something new out of […]

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