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Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse

WISER LIFE Project Timeline

March Planning process commenced

April EU LIFE funding awarded

June Bookmark development commenced

September Planning permission granted

February Design team appointed

April Expert panel inaugural meeting

May Development focus groups held

October Contractor appointed

November WISER Eco-Cluster charter formed

January Contractor on site

February Installation of site notice board

March Official WISER LIFE project launch

March WISER LIFE website, newsletter and initial brochure made available

April Educational elements designed and resources developed

November Completion of prototype 3-D textbook

December The Rediscovery Centre relocated and WISER LIFE Eco-Cluster formed

January First 3-D text book integrated programmes ready for delivery

January till December Monitoring the success of the 3-D text book in enhancing educational engagement

December CE, Corporate, Teacher training course and resources completed

January Completion of Monitoring

January Statistics and Sustainability Reports

February WISER LIFE Conference

March Development of Layman’s Report, Final Report and After Life Communication Plan