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Many hands make light work..

Posted on 16th December 2016

On December 16th 2016,  the WISER Life project staff, expert panel, architects, construction team and the board of management at the Rediscovery Centre (RDC) came together to celebrate the finalisation of the building and the upcoming Xmas season. To mark the occasion people present who had worked on the project were asked to plant spring bulbs in the grounds of the garden as symbol of their contribution to the project over the past two and half years. The project has involved the hard work and expertise of many people and the project team are very grateful for all the support.

Contributors (and budding horticulturists) featured here include included Darragh Lynch, WISER Project Architect (Rediscovery Centre (RDC)).  Sarah Clear, WISER Project Educator (RDC) .  Jean Clarke, WISER Expert Panel (DCCAE). Ciaran Murray, WISER Expert Panel (Chairman RDC). Tommy Ellard QS (Purcell Construction).  Joe Burke, Building Services Manager (Purcell Construction) & Brian Homan, Director (Homan O’Brien). Shane Colgan WISER Expert panel (EPA) and Prof. Tom Woolley WISER life sustainability Consultant (Bevan Architects).

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