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Minecraft model

Minecraft School Model by Presentation College Bray

Posted on 4th January 2018

On Tuesday the 3rd October 2017, Presentation College Bray visited the centre as part of a seminar day for secondary school students organised by Wicklow County Council. The students from Presentation College Bray took part in Waste Management workshops, a Sustainable Design workshop and took an extensive tour of our centre. During their visit to the 3D textbook, the students were inspired by many of the unique key features of the WISER building, particularly the green roof, green wall, indoor living wall, and kitchen garden. When the students went back to their school they began to update their Minecraft school model to include some of the unique features that they viewed at the Centre. Well done to the students of Presentation College Bray for this fantastic inspirational video that can be viewed here https://youtu.be/aNbebJxp8Ic

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