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WISER Architect Darragh Lynch Presents at QualiBuild Conference

Posted on 7th July 2016

Darragh Lynch, architect for the WISER project, presented at the QualiBuild conference on the 21st of June.

Darragh spoke about the WISER Life+ project, as it is a prime example of a sustainably-focused build. He specifically discussed how green buildings are ecologically designed and constructed, with the retrofit of the Ballymun Boiler House being a particularly interesting case study, as the building was originally designed to be heat-inefficient in order to prevent the boilers fromĀ overheating. Once the retrofit is completed, the old Boiler House will produce 90% of its own energy and will boast organic hempcrete wall insulation and a rainwater harvesting system that feeds into a water filtration loop, showing that with a bit of innovation and green-minded designing, buildings like the Boiler House can be given a new, greener, life.

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