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Rediscover Cycling’s Disc-O winner

Posted on 13th November 2016

During the month October a national competition was set by Freetrade Ireland and sponsored by the EPA’s Green Enterprise programme, to challenge the reuse community to unearth the creativity within and create something new out of something old.

The challenge was accepted by Robert Heary of Rediscover Cycling who created a set of speakers using some leftover workshop materials from the refurbishment and upcycling of bikes. Robert took a sheet of metal used in car repair & turned it into a tube . The speaker was placed inside & held in place using disc brakes from a bike at either end. A small broken wheel was then cut into two sections to create a stand. All of these materials were going to waste after from the repair of bicycles. The speaker had no home so what better way then to end up as a unique & funky set of speakers.

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