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Posted on 6th May 2018

From the day we first opened our building to the public in May 2017, one of the key interactive exhibits in The Rediscovery Centre has been the Pledge Tree.

For the most part it’s been used by schoolchildren to record what the Centre has inspired them to do, or by members of the public suggesting new projects we might like to engage in. But on the day of our Circular Economy conference in March, we opened it up to delegates so that they could give us a strategic view of where The Rediscovery Centre – and the Circular Economy sector in general – can go next.

The results were insightful, broad and significantly well-aligned with The Rediscovery Centre’s ongoing strategic vision.

Some delegates suggested new enterprises entirely (‘Rediscover Horticulture’, ‘Rediscover Home’), but significantly more suggested widening both the scope and the potential audiences of existing Rediscovery Centre services. One suggestion was that we package together offerings from different departments into service bundles; another suggestion – heading further in the same direction – was that the Rediscovery Centre should act as an all-round consultancy for greener business and greener schools in Ireland.

On the subject of schools, one suggestion was that the Rediscovery Centre should act as a skillshare facilitator for teachers interested in recycling and green issues; a related suggestion was that the Rediscovery Centre education ‘curriculum’ should be integrated directly into the Transition Year curriculum in Irish secondary schools.

From the practical and local to the ambitiously universal, the suggestions we received all served to reinforce the Rediscovery Centre’s mission to be the National Centre of Excellence for the Circular Economy. The centre is currently implementing the WISER After-Life programme and developing its future 3-year strategy with strategic partners. The ideas generated through this consultation will serve well in shaping this process. If you wish to add any further suggestions we are always delighted to hear your views. Please contact wiser@rediscoverycentre.ie

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