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WISER LIFE Eco Cluster site visit 30/03/2016

WISER LIFE Eco-Cluster Update – March 2016

Posted on 31st March 2016

WISER LIFE Eco-Cluster members Roger Warburton, Carrie-Ann Moran, Sarah Clear, Tiina Muru, Paul Callan and Ger Griffin visited the building site to check on the progress being made for the new education centre and found the site transformed from a derelict building into an active building site, with space being created for workshops, the education areas and the exhibition space.

The grounds outside are also being prepared for the interactive learning exhibitions including the green roof and the biodiversity pond.

As the Eco-Cluster members reflected on the WISER LIFE project, they are excited to welcome people into the new centre where all the social enterprises will be located under one roof.

You can watch the progress being made at the site for yourselves – just look out for the chimney of the old Boiler House in Ballymun!


Tiina interview onsite Staff Site Visit 31.3.16 Sarah C interview onsite Roger interview onsite Roger Ger and Tiina onsite Ger interview onsite

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