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Retention of concrete and steel at the 3D Textbook

During the construction of the 3D textbook the original concrete slab and flooring of the Boiler House was retained. By retaining the concrete and steel it resulted in significant carbon savings associated with the avoidance of new material production and the diversion of unnecessary waste from landfill. The retention of the main steel structure as opposed to its replacement also resulted in significant carbon savings. The reuse of these steel and concrete structures alone resulted in the avoidance of approximately 55 tonnes of embodied carbon based purely on production impacts and not considering the impact of transport or disposal.

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Bug Hotel Bookmark

Invertebrates, are important ecological species that perform a variety of ecosystem services. They are critical links within the vast food chains and webs that exist in the ecosystem, for example pollination, seed dispersal, pest control, bio-indicators and as a source of food of other important species. In recent years there have been sharp declines in invertebrates in parts of Ireland – there are many species of conservation concern.  Our biodiversity is under threat by intensification of agriculture, habitat loss, fragmentation, traffic mortality, poisoning and other human activities.  People can support biodiversity in their own communities and gardens by creating habitats for invertebrates using waste materials.

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WISER Life project receives Green Construction project of the year award

The WISER Life team were delighted  pick up the Green Construction Award 2017 at the Green Awards on 21/2/2017. A great acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication of the entire project team from Rediscovery Centre, Dublin City Council, ABK Architects, Purcell Construction and Tom Woolley. The Green Awards are the long-standing benchmark for excellence for those demonstrating best green practice in Ireland. Sponsored by Ecocem,  the Green construction award recognises sustainable development through innovative construction methods, sustainable use of resources and a design that prioritises the needs of the wider environment and society.

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Tour of 3D textbook to local businesses

The team was delighted to give a tour of the 3D textbook to some local businesses today. The CEO, Sarah Miller, talked them through the history of the building and to show how it has gone from a building that was once so close to demolition to a building that is now one of the most unique buildings in Europe. Every aspect of the repurposed Boiler House has been created with reuse in mind.

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Ecocluster Impact

The WISER Project ecocluster brings together the creative skills of fashion, furniture, bike and paint upcyclers from the Rediscovery Centre. In 2017 the social, economic and environmental impact of the cluster was measured across a a number of key indicators with a view to communicating impact.  A smart new info graphic was developed which has now been updated with our new logos. The data will be used as a benchmark for the 2017 review.

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Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch

Students from 3rd and 4th class in Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch did a workshop today on Waste, learning all out litter, waste, where our waste goes, and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Did you know that:

Nearly 42 billion tonnes of electronic waste are disposed of each year around the world . It is estimated that 300 tonnes of gold are wasted through electronic waste disposed of each year with a value of €44 billion.

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Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna

Well done to all the students in 5th Class Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna on their great work and participation in the Biodiversity workshop on 3rd Feb – fantastic animal collages!!

At the biodiversity workshops we explore wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems and animal adaptations including camouflage.  We host a range of outdoor games will also be included as well as hands-on activities such as making bird feeders, going on a bug hunt and pond dipping.

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Sustainable design workshop

The Rediscovery Centre were delighted to welcome Killinarden Community School to our centre on 27th Jan for a Sustainable design workshop. The students learned all about what sustainable design is, explored the life cycles of products that we use, such as aluminium cans, mobile phones and tents, and looked at examples of reduced packaging for products. The students did fantastic designs of sustainable packaging for our sustainable egg drop challenge!


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First workshop of 2017

The Rediscovery Centre was delighted to welcome the students from one of our local schools to the Boiler House on Friday the 27th of January. The Virgin Mary Girls National School in Ballymun came to our new premises for the first on-site workshop and it was great to start holding events in our new 3-D Textbook. The girls took part in one of our ninety minute Biodiversity workshops, facilitated by our Education team, were they learnt about what biodiversity is and why it is so important for our environment.

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