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WISER Life Project Spearheads Use of Hempcrete Walls

Posted on 20th June 2016

Sustainable hempcrete is a composite material of hemp and lime, which, when used around a timber frame, is not only strong, but also acts as an excellent insulator for the building. Although hempcrete has been used in structures around Europe for the past 10 years, the WISER Life Building in Ballymun will be the first public building in Ireland to adopt this exciting technology.

During a successful trial before the main building installation, the hempcrete panels were met with enthusiasm by the architect, builders and client.

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Green Retail Opportunities

Posted on 14th June 2016

Did you know that not only will the WISER 3-D textbook showcase exemplar reuse in building architecture and landscape design but that you will also be able to browse through a display of best in class eco innovations, purchase your own green products and even participate in sustainable design workshops?
If you have any suggestions as to what products or workshops you would like to see delivered please drop us a line at info@wiserlife.eu.

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WISER Project reaches new heights!

Posted on 16th May 2016

WISER Project takes advantage of the Ballymun Boiler House Chimney by erecting sign as high as the crane would go.

The Ballymun Boiler House will soon become the new home of the Rediscovery Centre.

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A bird’s-eye view of the transformation

Posted on 7th April 2016

07/04/2016 Check out this bird’s-eye view of what’s been going on at the Boiler House site.


The WISER LIFE project is bringing about the transformation of the old Boiler House into an environmental education centre here in the heart of Ballymun.  Watch this space as we bring to life this vision for sustainability, reuse and the circular economy.  The attached series of time-lapse images was taken at the site by Ronan Glynn Dublin City Council during the first two months of construction.

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WISER LIFE Eco-Cluster Update – March 2016

Posted on 31st March 2016

WISER LIFE Eco-Cluster members Roger Warburton, Carrie-Ann Moran, Sarah Clear, Tiina Muru, Paul Callan and Ger Griffin visited the building site to check on the progress being made for the new education centre and found the site transformed from a derelict building into an active building site, with space being created for workshops, the education areas and the exhibition space.

The grounds outside are also being prepared for the interactive learning exhibitions including the green roof and the biodiversity pond.

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Posted on 16th March 2016

The WISER LIFE Project was officially launched on Monday March 14th, as the sod was turned at the Ballymun Boiler House site. The project will see the transformation of the iconic building into a ‘3-D textbook’, an innovative architectural prototype in educational space design, which will demonstrate excellence for reuse in Ireland and serve as a platform to advocate for the circular economy.

The re-purposing of the Ballymun Boiler House, as part of the WISER (working with industrial spaces to exemplify reuse) LIFE Project, will establish Europe’s first 3-D textbook as a centre for excellence in education for sustainable development highlighting best practice reuse and resource efficiency.

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The WISER LIFE Project Explained

Posted on 10th March 2016

Dr Sarah Miller, CEO of the Rediscovery Centre and WISER LIFE Project Manager explains the objectives behind the project as the 3-D textbook comes to life.

The  WISER LIFE project (Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse) is a Rediscovery Centre research initiative, funded by the European LIFE programme; the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU, and facilitated by co-funding from Dublin City Council and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

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The Redevelopment of the Ballymun Boiler House

Posted on 9th March 2016

Observations in words and pictures by Derek McGarry, NCAD

To begin with I should declare I am not really a photographer but I am a designer. Like many designers, I enjoy taking photographs to document things I have seen in the hope that they will inspire me, or my students, to be creative in other ways.  Having access to photograph the Ballymun Boiler House before it is renovated was a great chance for me add to my image database and wait for inspiration to strike.

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WISER LIFE Logo and Typeface

Posted on 6th March 2016

Derek McGarry and John Fogarty, NCAD describe the creative process behind the design of a unique typeface and logo that complements the objectives of the WISER LIFE Project while paying homage to the heritage of the local community.

Creating a bespoke typeface for the WISER LIFE project meant first looking at what would be appropriate for the environment of the Boiler House. In order to do this it was important to look at the building and what was there already in terms of inspiration.

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